Go Ahead Eagles extends partnership with Deventrade, opting for Stanno team apparel

Geplaatst op: 15-06-2020

In the area of football apparel, no Dutch partnership has lasted as long as the one between Go Ahead Eagles and Deventrade, whose range of sports brands includes hummel. It is an accomplishment the two partners are proud of. In the season ahead, they will stay together, with the Eagles now playing in Stanno team shirts – another innovative brand of which Deventrade is ‘official supplier’.“Go Ahead Eagles and Deventrade have enjoyed a great and unique partnership for 31 years, centring on our brands hummel and Derbystar,” says Martijn Pothoven, General Director at Deventrade and former Eagles player. “We were looking for a new way of extending and recharging the partnership in these turbulent times. Together, we chose for Stanno – an innovative brand of high technical quality. With Stanno, Deventrade can now share Go Ahead Eagles’ unique appearance internationally, too, offering the club as a whole extra support. We’re proud of this opportunity to further develop the partnership, from our headquarters in Deventer as always. We are the Eagles!”For the 32nd time in history, Deventrade recently tackled the challenge of developing the home and away jerseys for Go Ahead Eagles in the 2020/21 season. For Deventrade, this is one of the most rewarding aspects of the business, as a jersey represents so much more than meets the eye. Club colours, numbers, the unity that evolves: it’s all about team spirit, that sense of shared confidence that emerges the moment the players of Go Ahead Eagles put those jerseys on. They enter the changing room as individuals; they reappear as a team.Photo: Erik Pasman