Introduction of the ASM REV3RSE stick & Adaptaball

Geplaatst op: 18-08-2018

The benefit of training is your greatest asset. It can give you an edge and an advantage. To assist your training and develop your skills, we would like to introduce you to a unique innovation in hockey training.You play hockey right-handed. Even if you’re left-handed. These are the rules of the game. But are you aware that this leads to unilateral development for hockey players? While the best athletes in the world are trained to be as versatile as possible. In other words: it’s now time for hockey players to train their non-dominant side!Scientific research shows that athletes who train their non-dominant side, will thereby improve their dominant side. So training with the REV3RSE stick is not only unpredictable and fun, but it really makes you a better hockey player.Hockey AdaptaballIn addition to the revolutionary stick, we also introduce an innovative training ball. The Adaptaball contains a subtle imbalance and therefore rolls a little bit differently from what you would normally expect. The constant unpredictability of the ball demands a better technique, faster response and more creativity in your game. The ball is available in dimple and flat design, with two different levels of deviation.About ASM The REV3RSE stick and the Adaptaball are developed from the Athletic Skills Model (ASM). In this model, adaptability and versatile movement are core. The ASM provides science-based sports programs. The model does not focus on a certain sport, but the quality of movement. It’s all about skills, coordination and physical conditions. The ASM serves as a springboard for a longer sports career with better performance, but above all for a healthier life, with less injuries, less dropouts and more fun. More information?You can ask for the REV3RSE stick & Adaptaball at your local hockey shop, or contact us directly!