New Dutch Eredivisie ball revealed: "the Rembrandt"

Geplaatst op: 2019-04-08 08:42:00

Today the Dutch soccer icon Willem van Hanegem received the first official Eredivisie ball for the season 2019/2020. Considering “the year of Rembrandt” the ball is designed with etchings from the famous Dutch artist (1606-1669). 

The design of the ball is a technical masterpiece that spans more than 350 years and brings together two art forms. Taco Dibbits (director of the Rijksmuseum) is very proud of the result: “Soccer and Rembrandt may seem a surprising combination, but Rembrandt was an artist, just like the best players of the Eredivisie. Exceptional creativity is a requirement both on the field and on the canvas.” 

New Ball Design
Derbystar and the Eredivisie choose a new partner for the official match ball every year. The design ‘De Rembrandt’ was conceived by the famous designer Irma Boom. Along with the unique design, the ball meets the highest quality requirements and has perfect flight characteristics. 

The ball was tested in a wind tunnel by the Institute of Health and Sports Science at the University of Tsukuba (Japan). The results show that the Brillant APS has better aerodynamic properties than any other top football on the market. Thanks to the ball’s classic 32-panel construction, the ball meets resistance at a later point in its trajectory, resulting in greater, longer-lasting speed with a straighter flight. This makes it easier for players to assess the performance of the ball. 

Sunday April 28 
On Sunday April 28, during the final round of games in the Eredivisie, the players of the Eredivisie will play with the new ball for the first time. Thereafter the ball will be used in the Eredivisie season 2019/2020.