Passionate family business, Leading in Team Sports, worldwide distribution.

With a portfolio including the team sports brands Stanno, Reece Australia (worldwide), hummel, Derbystar and Select (Benelux), the Deventrade Group has grown into a large sportswear brand company, with worldwide business interests. The head office is located in a state of the art building in Deventer, the Netherlands.

The almost self-evident presence of our brands, on sports fields and arena’s in many different countries, says everything about the extent of the company’s growth and achievements since its inception in 1985. With our presence in numerous specialist sports stores and with our extensive sponsorships in soccer, handball, hockey and volleyball, we are a unique business closely involved in team sport.

Internationally, our brand Reece Australia is the clothing sponsor of the German hockey federation (DHB) and the Belgian hockey association (KBHB) and our brand Stanno the sponsor of the German volleyball federation (DVV). We also have numerous sponsorships in the United Kingdom and Sweden. The sponsor agreements with many hundreds of amateur clubs in the Benelux make us the market leader in team wear. You can also see our brands at the highest level in the Netherlands, through collaborations with the ‘Eredivisie’, FC Emmen, RKC Waalwijk, the ‘Keuken Kampioen’ Division (First Division), Go Ahead Eagles, De Graafschap, H.C. Oranje Rood, SV Kampong and the Dutch Handball Association (NHV).

Would you like to read more about our international success, our special design offer and our cooperation with clubs, sports specialty stores and B2B partners? Then please scroll down quickly! You can also watch our company video first, for a short impression of what we do:

International success

The Deventrade Group is also successful outside the Benelux. With the brands Stanno and Reece Australia, we deliver goods directly to 4,000 sports stores in Germany, Austria, England and Sweden. In addition, The Deventrade Group distributes through importers to, among others, the United States, Australia, Japan, France, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Ireland and Iceland.

The key to success lies in the large and wide stock, the high quality of the collections and the excellent logistics device. The extensive team collections can be delivered directly from stock in many club color combinations. Our head office has 13,500 m2 warehouse space, with over 17 kilometers of pallets and 18,350 unique SKUs.

The Deventrade Group and clubs

The Deventrade Group has developed through a tried and trusted business model and works very closely with sports specialists and sports clubs. With successful sponsor concepts in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and Sweden. We offer a complete and innovative sponsoring offer for sports clubs, linked to our team wear brands Stanno, Reece Australia and hummel Benelux. For example, clubs benefit from competitive prices, an online Clublogin and customized Membershop and a unique bonus system. The various sponsor concepts play an important role in the success of the Deventrade Group!

Special Design

In addition to our extensive brand collections, we offer clubs the possibility to put together a Special Design collection. This way, clubs can design a uniform that is unique and embodies the character of the club. This is possible with our team wear brands Stanno, Reece Australia and hummel. Almost all of our professional sponsored teams play in a Special Design kit, but the concept is also widely used by amateur clubs! Special Design is possible in two options, from 15 pieces with limited possibilities and from 100 pieces, where every design is possible. Would you like to know more about our Special Design possibilities? Please contact our Special Design department!

Deventrade Group and B2B partners

We provide companies, governments and schools with representative clothing for every occasion, both for special events and for daily use. We offer a wide and versatile range of functional clothing at a very competitive price. In addition to products from our brand collections, we offer ample opportunities for specific needs with private label articles. Whether it concerns 3 or 3000 products. Would you like to know more about this process - from inception to unique article or complete collection with printing ? We will be happy to tell you more about it!

Social awareness

As a family business we are naturally focused on next generations. The future of our children and grandchildren, and, the world in which they grow up. The world we care for. After all, we only have one! We are also aware of this on a daily basis as a company. Our impact, both from a social and an environmental point of view, must therefore be as positive as possible. For now, but especially for later. This social awareness is interwoven with our Code of Conduct, our membership of amfori BSCI and the fiberization of our textiles.