For hummel, everything revolves around team sport. Not about age or achievement, but about the team feeling that connects all players. The almost self-evident presence of hummel on every sports field and in every sports hall in the Netherlands is the result of a boundless passion for team sport. We are a partner of soccer (including FC Utrecht), volleyball (including Draisma Dynamo) and handball (among others the NHV) at the highest achievement. The iconic chevrons are our hallmarks of quality and character.

The collection consists of many club colors and if your club color is not there, we can make it especially for you. hummel is accessible, it is the training clothing you purchase when you try a team sport for the first time, and also the competition shirt that you receive later from the club. A shirt that builds -with unique features- a team.

In 1985 the Danish brand was introduced in the Benelux. With an even stronger focus on team sport than in the country of origin, while retaining the wealth of experience. For example, hummel has grown into the ultimate team wear brand in the Benelux.


Many amateur clubs wrestle with the same things: they desperately need new uniforms, balancing the budget is a struggle, and the process of ordering club kits is unclear and tedious. hummel’s Let’s Play Together Club Concept is the perfect solution! In addition to large discounts on team clothing, balls and accessories, our concept also offers clubs a sponsorship contribution in cash. Clubs, along with their members and sponsors, can easily and quickly order, either through the personalised Club shop, the Member shop or Business Club shop. For all these purchases, the club receives 10% of the value back in cash. The total amount is paid out in four instalments throughout the year, and can be spent entirely at the club’s discretion – giving clubs the extra financial space for that maintenance project, event or energy bill. Finally!