Eigil Nielsen, founder of the company SELECT, developed the first SELECT ball in 1947. Nielsen was a trained sports psychologist and worked in the leather industry when he started the company. A few years of experience later, SELECT presented a revolutionary ball with 32 panels. This was 1962 and completely new. It took ten more years before the first actual handball was produced, but it was made in the same way as this 1962 prototype.

Even until today, this is the base of all handballs produced! Today SELECT is one of the world's leading suppliers of top quality hand-stitched balls. The innovative Danish company produces more than 2 million balls a year, is represented worldwide and is exported to more than 50 countries. Deventrade exclusively distributes handballs from SELECT In the Netherlands, including associated accessories, such as resin.


Thanks to the wide range of handballs, SELECT brings an ideal ball for every player. In addition to balls for professional handball, the SELECT collection also includes many competition and training balls for amateurs. The supply for pupils and juniors is exactly tailored to the current guidelines of the IHF (International Handball Federation).

Another interesting ball within the assortment is the SELECT Adaptaball. A revolutionary training ball of the highest quality. The Adaptaball demands adaptability of the player. Because of a consciously created imbalance, the ball has a slightly different flight than you would expect. Bouncing also requires more focus. By training with this special ball, the player is constantly challenged and stimulated. This way routine actions suddenly become challenging again!

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