Stanno team kits make Draisma Dynamo score like never before

Geplaatst op: 07-09-2021

The successful partnership between Draisma Dynamo and Deventrade has been rock solid since 2005. The collaboration will therefore be continued in the coming season but we have some news to share!After years of being recognizable and tightly dressed on the field in hummel team clothing, Draisma Dynamo and Deventrade decided together to switch to Stanno. Known as an innovative, technically high-quality international team clothing brand this other Deventrade label will help Draisma Dynamo to reach the next level in their team outfit performance. From the coming season and onwards, Apeldoorns best volleyball players in the Eredivisie will be playing in these new Stanno outfits which were specially developed for the teams.With Stanno, Deventrade can now also propagate the unique appearance of Draisma Dynamo internationally and support the club accordingly. Stanno believes in the winning combination of versatility and innovation and offers plenty of special design options. The international wholesaler - and distributor of sports articles- from Deventer has been fulfilling the role of clothing sponsor of Draisma Dynamo for 16 years now. Thanks to Deventrade, both women and men have been stylishly and fashionably dressed for years. Deventrade can for sure be seen as the true team sports specialist. Olaf Pothoven (CEO Deventrade) assures that the new outfits will fit Dynamos players like a glove. “Stanno is a brand that stands for technical as well as high-quality clothing. Sport is the essence of the Stanno DNA. The passion for the sport is reflected internationally in everything the brand does, from design to product development and marketing.”In an extensive interview in the Dynamo Businessclub magazine, which will roll off the presses in September, the Deventrade CEO explains: “Dynamo has worn hummel uniforms for years to satisfaction. But after so many years, the teams are ready for a change and something new! Stanno is even more versatile and contemporary and the clothing is made of rich materials. As a national champion, Dynamo can give such a brand as Stanno a huge boost in volleyball. ”