According to many professional coaches and top players, it is the best ball in the world. Derbystar. The official match ball of the Bundesliga, the Dutch Eredivisie, the First, Second and Third Division. Market leader in amateur football. The balls are characterized by four crucial features that are hidden behind the design. They determine the unique quality of each Derbystar ball.

Since 1963 every football has been made with care. The careful way of stitching, completely by hand, guarantees the durable quality of the Derbystar ball. The stable playing characteristics are created by the optimum ratio between the outer layer of synthetic PU material and the balanced inner ball. The perfect playing characteristics are optimally maintained at all temperatures.

The starting point of Derbystar is to deliver the best football for every match, in order to create the best matches. Because: without a ball, no game. The ball plays a crucial role in every game. All eyes are focused on the ball. At the same time, the ball must be invisible, as it were. The perfect ball draws all attention to the players, the balcony artists, and enables them to shine.


Apart from playing football for pros, the Derbystar collection contains many competition and training balls for amateurs. A special feature is, for example, the offer for young people, which in terms of size and weight is exactly aligned with the current guidelines of the KNVB. Derbystar offers a Light and a Super Light collection, in various sizes, which are recommended by age group for youth players. Another interesting ball within the assortment is the Adaptaball. This is a revolutionary football that constantly challenges and stimulates the player. The ball has been specially designed to mimic the behavior of a football on natural grass on artificial grass. A counterweight causes a slight deviation in the ball behavior. The Adaptaball has been scientifically developed by ASM and tested at TU Delft.

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