Stanno is an all-round team sports brand with a versatile and high-quality range. Suitable for team sports such as football, handball, volleyball, floorball and korfball, but also for individual training. The brand is currently successfully sold in 19 countries. With its two key pillars, ‘Product is king’ and ‘Sport is our passion’, Stanno is a distinctive player in the (team) sports sector.

Product is king
Stanno aims to transmit the love of sports through products that meet the Stanno design philosophy: Function. Form. Attitude. In that exact order. For Stanno, product is king. The brand is dedicated to create quality every day, driven by a firm belief in the winning connection of versatility and innovation.

Sport is our passion
Sport is in the core of our DNA. The love of sports is reflected in everything we do, from our design philosophy to our development and marketing. Stanno connects its products to the decisive moments in sport. We strongly believe that everyone, every athlete, regardless of his or her level, can experience true moments of glory.

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Many amateur clubs wrestle with the same things: they desperately need new uniforms, balancing the budget is a struggle, and the process of ordering club kits is unclear and tedious. Stanno’s Let’s Play Together Club Concept is the perfect solution! In addition to large discounts on team clothing, balls and accessories, our concept also offers clubs a sponsorship contribution in cash. Clubs, along with their members and sponsors, can easily and quickly order, either through the personalised Club shop, the Member shop or Business Club shop. For all these purchases, the club receives 10% of the value back in cash. The total amount is paid out in four instalments throughout the year, and can be spent entirely at the club’s discretion – giving clubs the extra financial space for that maintenance project, event or energy bill. Finally!