About the brand

Stanno is an all-round team sports brand with a versatile and high-quality range. Suitable for team sports such as football, handball, volleyball, floorball and korfball, but also for individual training. The brand is currently successfully sold in 19 countries. With its two key pillars, ‘Product is king’ and ‘Sport is our passion’, Stanno is a distinctive player in the (team) sports sector.

Product is king
Stanno aims to transmit the love of sports through products that meet the Stanno design philosophy: Function. Form. Attitude. In that exact order. For Stanno, product is king. The brand is dedicated to create quality every day, driven by a firm belief in the winning connection of versatility and innovation.

Sport is our passion
Sport is in the core of our DNA. The love of sports is reflected in everything we do, from our design philosophy to our development and marketing. Stanno connects its products to the decisive moments in sport. We strongly believe that everyone, every athlete, regardless of his or her level, can experience true moments of glory.

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Club sponsorship

Years of international experience in team wear has taught us how important striking, quality club clothing is for clubs. For the club feeling, for the commitment and the confidence on the field. With our successful sponsor concept we offer clubs in various countries high-quality club clothing at a competitive price. This in combination with a generous sponsor contribution, in the form of a clothing budget that is geared to the number of teams of the club and the number of years that the agreement lasts. This clothing budget can not only spend the club on Stanno clothing, but also on indispensable accessories. The sponsor contribution is linked to an innovative concept, which consists of an online Clubshop, Membershop and an associated savings system for extra sponsorship.