Go Ahead Eagles and hummel celebrate 30-year cooperation with special jubilee shirt

Geplaatst op: 22-03-2018

It is the longest running cooperation in football clothing in the Netherlands and perhaps even in the world. Coming season, first division club Go Ahead Eagles will be wearing hummel clothing for the 30th season in a row. Reason for the club and us as clothing sponsor to connect the past, present and the future together with supporters. Fans decide together which home and away shirt make their comeback next season!Every season our special design department creates kits especially for the club. This is a design process in which the club and hummel work together intensively. And not without being innovative: in 2009 the first skyline (of the Deventer club) appeared on a Dutch football shirt and in 2016 the names of more than 6000 loyal fans adorned the away shirts of the team.These shirts now have a chance of a comeback, but they are not all of them yet! Fans can choose from over 50 designs in total. From classic red-yellow to more experimental, and from the famous diamond shirt for the 1994-1995 season to the several purple coloured shirts that were worn.Design new shirtsThe home and away shirts of the coming season will be a contemporary version of the original shirts that win the election. This means that the look (as much as possible) remains the same, but that the designers of hummel use modern fits and fabrics. A design process to look forward to!Continuation of cooperationGo Ahead Eagles and hummel remain partners in the coming seasons. In 2016, the partners signed a five-year extension of the sponsorship agreement.