New Dutch "Eredivisie" ball revealed

Geplaatst op: 18-04-2018

Dutch tv host Johnny de Mol, also known as a big fan of football, has revealed the official Derbystar match ball for the Eredivisie 2018/2019 season. He did this together with Johnnys 11: the selected team of children with whom he designed the ball.After a big press conference, the new ball was demonstrated on the field of PEC Zwolle, by Johnnys 11 and some Eredivisie players, including Bram van Polen and Mustafa Saymak. The demonstration was led by PEC Zwolle coach John van t Schip, who is also the brother-in-law of Johnny de Mol.Playing funIn the design of the new ball the focus is on playing fun and the connecting power of football. Johnny: "The ball has become really awesome. Especially the story behind it is what makes the ball so special to me. Some of the statements made by the children during the design have literally ended up in the result. This is how the ball has become their message to society. "Now that the ball has been officially presented, the work for Johnnys 11 is done. "But", says Johnny, "the best thing for the children is yet to come. That is when the ball that they designed can be seen on television."Love for footballJohnnys 11 is a reflection of the many children in the Netherlands: children Johnny knows from his Hotel Syndrome programme, children who have been placed out of their homes and children from the rich Amsterdam to children who have fled Syria.They come from all over the country and form a colourful and sporty company with one common denominator: and that’s the love for football.Unique editionIn cooperation with the Eredivisie we present a new official match ball for the Eredivisie every season, a unique edition of the Derbystar Brillant APS. On May 6th - during the final game round of the season - the new ball will roll in the stadiums for the first time. The ball will also appear in a light, replica and mini edition.